Foula Heritage

The Island of Foula
Tel: 01595 753 273 and 01595 753 236
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Foula Heritage was created at the turn of the new millenium. Foula is a small island, which has suffered a decline in population. The remaining locals realised there was a danger that the islands unique nature and culture would soon follow.

The first project was to collect as much information on the island’s natural and cultural history, which is now stored on computers. The group then decided to carry out a feasibility study combining community development, cultural heritage, environmental protection and monitoring. This was successful and their efforts won them a Shetland Environmental Award 2003 and a Highlands and Islands Green Tourism for Community in 2006. This is a group very aware of the planet’s problems and is striving to preserve their island’s uniqueness, setting a good example of being ‘green’ as they go.

Although they are very active they do not possess premises, however, they will be pleased to assist any visitors with queries related to the island.

Distance from Lerwick to foula Ferry at Walls - 25 miles.


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