Aithsting History Group

Upper Garths, Aith, Bixter, ZE2 9NB
Opening Times:

April - September

Every 1st Tuesday of the Month.


Aithsting History Group


Our group meets on the first or second Tuesday of every month from September till April in the Rankin Lounge, Aith. We share an interest in Family History and undertake a specific area of study each year. Speakers are invited to meetings regularly to broaden the interests of the group. Our geographical area covers the communities of Tresta, Sandsound, Bixter, Twatt, Clousta, Aith and East Burrafirth.


Chairman: Jim Nicolson Upper Garths, Aith  - 01595 810848

Vice Chairman: Ian Nicolson, Leebrek, Tresta - 01595 810307

Secretary: Claire Nicolson, Mark, Aith -

Treasurer: John Hunter, Annsville, Aith - 01595 810205

For Help Contact: Irene Gray, Vaaro  - 01595 810387


See the events calendar for information on upcoming events in the area.


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