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Shetland Storytelling Society logo Shetland Storytelling Society logo Shetland Story Telling Society was founded in 2002. Originally the group was formed to create a story telling festival to share tales of Shetland’s past. The festival was so successful in the first year that booking demands reached the limit and the group have been in constant demand ever since.

The group circulates between local events such as ‘The Flavour of Shetland’ in June each year and are quickly booked out at the Croft House Museum in Dunrossness, where they perform regularly.

The members have their own specialities - Elma focuses on crofting whilst Davy Cooper ( dresses to impress when telling his Viking Tales! There is a range of stories and one of the great favourites is of course the ‘trowie’ tales.

This is the only group of its kind in Shetland and a fantastic reputation has been built up. This has resulted in invitations coming from as far away as Iceland and some group members have travelled to the likes of Norway to enchant audiences there.

One of the group’s biggest achievements was appearing at ‘The International Festival of Storytelling’ in Edinburgh. Experiencing the Society’s Shetland Storytelling is a must. To find out when and where, contact the above.




See the events calendar for information on upcoming events in the area.


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