Shetland Forwirds

Tel: 01595 694 104


Shetland Forwirds was founded in 2004 to foster and promote the use of written and spoken dialect as a valued and essential element of Shetland’s distinctive heritage and culture

From the outset, education at all levels was seen as a vital part of dialect’s survival. The group has been closely involved in devising materials for use in nursery and primary schools. During the winter months there is an evening class for adults.

Shetland Forwirds has contributed to a series of projects, which highlight the use of dialect in public places. These include the Word Ring at Shetland Museum and Archives and images being installed at Sumburgh Airport.

The group promotes the public performance of dialect in drama, poetry and song, with an annual fund raising concert every May. All meetings are open to anyone with an interest in the Shetland Dialect.



See the events calendar for information on upcoming events in the area.