Shetland ex-Whalers Association

c/o Gibbie Fraser, Hebrista, West Burrafirth, Walls
Tel: 01595 809203


Shetland ex-Whalers Association has been established for three years now.  The objectives of the Association are twofold inasmuch as it aims to help ex-whalers and their families to keep in touch and meet socially, and it also aims to record and preserve the history and heritage of the Whaling Industry.

In September 2010, the whalers held a reunion with guests invited from the Hebrides, Orkney, Edinburgh, the North of England and Norway. The group also placed a commemorative plaque in Lerwick for the men who went to the South Georgia whaling.

They are also planning to work with museum trusts such as the South Georgia Heritage Trust to record and archive photographs and oral histories.  They are currently compiling a book of photographs and information about the whaling industry.


See the events calendar for information on upcoming events in the area.