Shetland Cattle Breeders


Shetland Cattle Breeders Logo“The Shetland Cattle from Shetland Breeders Group”, SC037708, is a local group of breeders of Shetland Cattle affiliated to the Shetland Cattle Herd Book Society (SCHBS), the Registration Body for Pedigreed Shetland Cattle.

Established in 2001 to address Shetland-wide problems, its Aims are:

  • To maintain unimpaired, the purity of the breed of Shetland Cattle whilst collecting, verifying, presenting, preserving and publishing information relating to Shetland Cattle
  • To maximise opportunities to secure environmental benefits and promote the Breed as essential to Land Stewardship
  • To advocate the advancement of education and ensure continuity of appreciation of the indigenous Heritage and Culture of Shetland Isles

Currently the Group is organising events for 2010 to celebrate the Centenary of the SCHBS in addition to collating a Centenary Book, sponsored by the Lottery Fund, Awards for All, publication due August 2009.

Thanks to the dedicated endeavour of Group Members, this publication has not only fulfilled Constitution Aims, but also become an inspirational Community Project with unique Shetland-wide donations, oral, written and photographic, being received with delighted gratitude by the Co-ordinating Committee.


See the events calendar for information on upcoming events in the area.