Nesting Local History Group

Aaald Sooth Nesting Primary Skül, Vassa, South Nesting
Tel: 01595 890 342


Nesting’s scattered crofts are situated in one of Shetland’s most scenic areas. The Nesting Local History Group was founded in 1995 with the stated aim of collecting, recording and preserving the history of the parish of Nesting. The group has gathered information and photographs, which have been used in exhibitions on local topics, such as: Schools, Sons and Daughters of Nesting, Crofting, Weddings, Nesting & Girlsta Up-Helly-Aa, etc.

The group has finally acquired a base and is now in its ‘new’ home at the Aald Skül. This provides the opportunity to accept, store and exhibit some artefacts, which are specific to the parish of Nesting.

For details of meetings/opening times, please contact above.

Distance from Lerwick—13 miles.



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