Böd of Gremista and Shetland Textile Working Museum

Bod of Gremista, Gremista, Lerwick
Tel: 01595 694386
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Böd of Gremista and Shetland Textile Working Museum


Built in 1780, this is the only böd in Shetland which has been renovated to its historical state. As well as being an important part of Shetlands fishing heritage, the böd was the birthplace of Arthur Anderson, a legendary Shetlander and founder of P & O Ferries. Two rooms have been restored to how they looked 200 years ago, in the time of Anderson’s childhood. They also contain displays explaining the history of the whitefish industry at that time, when the böd was a fishing station house and warehouse.

New from 2010, the rest of the building houses the collection of the Shetland Textile Working Museum, specialising in the beautiful textiles that have become synonymous with the Shetland name. Operated by dedicated volunteers, the displays incorporate a room for “hands-on” activities and the themed exhibition for the year.

Displays include knitted Shetland textiles from the 19th century to the present day, with new pieces commissioned specially. Items on show demonstrate Shetland’s traditional heritage through knitted garments and accessories, showing how fashions have changed over the years.

Please note: Due to historic nature of building there is limited access to people with disabilities.


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